About Us

Although I got an idea and the decision to organize an international IUTA World Cup ultra triathlon race in Estonia was made recently, it all has become possible as 10 years ago I decided to participate in my first ultra triathlon race in Hungary. To my great surprise, I managed it very well the first time and won the competition, and it immediately became my great passion. From that day until today I have competed in 17 ultra triathlons. In addition, during this time I have organized four ultra triathlons as challenges for myself: 5-time ultra triathlon in continuous format in Estonia (2016) and 20-time (2018), 40-time (2019) and 60-time ultra triatlon (2021) in day-by-day format in Fuerteventura (the Canary Islands).


The experience and knowledge acquired during this time helped to reach the decision to organize the ultra triathlon in Estonia as an official competition, which would be part of the IUTA series and which I plan to participate in myself. For those triathlon fans, who would like to test themselves in the ultra triathlon for the first time, I included a 2-time continuous and day-by-day ultra triathlon among the competition formats. That\'s where I started 10 years ago, and I believe that most of you could successfully complete this format. All it takes is a small change in thinking, and then anything is possible.

When organizing the race, I approach it from the athlete\'s point of view, and therefore stand for, among the other things, that:

  • the tracks are accurately and properly measured
  • there are fast transition zones
  • the location of the race center would be logistically as compact as possible, so that the athletes have everything they need at hand
  • the availability of essential services
  • sport is fair and clean